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I have decided to do my darndest to learn about Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). Apparently they're all the rage among web designers these days. It's going to take a bit of work...but I just may enjoy it. I need to pick up a book on the subject I think. If you know any good CSS books, let me know.

On a different note, Bible Study was really good tonight. Michael made a study based on a parable Jesus told to his disciples. It was a challenge to live a life of service, working hard for your master. Not unhealthy hard, but working good and honest and hard. It was convicting to me, because I feel as if I've been squandering the free time God's given me over the past however many months. I mean, it's good to be rested...and I have been busy at different times. But in general I've wasted a lot of time lately and I'm not down with that. I felt really bad about it today, and then the bible study kinda capped that off.

There is plenty for me to do. I should be using this time to get the student leadership and adult volunteer programs off the ground for the youth ministry. So that's what I'm going to do. It's not an option - that's my job until it gets done.

Anyway I suppose that I've just come face to face with the fact that I (and I know I'm not the only one) often congratulate myself overmuch when I'm short on sins of comission (not that I'm short on those) - that is, when I'm doing overtly doing things I know are wrong, etc. But sins of omission, that is, not doing what you could, what you were made for, what God wants you to do - are serious as well. I'm the last person to be a sin tee-totaler, I'm not counting my sins or anybody elses. But my life needs to be marked by extraordinary service (a spiritual act of worship) to God more than anything else. "To whom much is given, much is required." Wasting what God has given us is as bad as any other thing we can do wrong.

I'm just sort of trying to put into words what I was feeling tonight. Personally I'm at a place in life where I need to be taking advantage of my time instead of wasting it. For a while I've felt like I've been giving God 75% or so of myself. That's crap. I was asked the questions: are you ready for the master to return? If I died today would I live my life differently? Would I live the past six months differently? I didn't like my answers.

It's so amazing that one little parable I've probably read half-a-dozen times could never strike me one way or the other but one night discussed with the right people it can send me babbling and determined to change the way I live. I guess that's what they talk about when they talk about the power of God's Word.


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