I don't have anything to say. I just wanted to see the Blogger interface again and type into it. So, uh. The Sharks really bit tonight, and the Kings royally screwed up. The Giants were belittled by the Cubs...the A's are the only team that may salvage today.

There, I said something. Wheeeee Blogger.
I haven't been on the Blogger website for a while...they changed it. I even have a profile now, that's kinda cool. Makes it a little more like LJ but that's okay.

Anyway not a lot of time to mess around right now. I'm trying to prepare for the camping trip this weekend. We're going to Sunset State Beach, south of Santa Cruz. Should be fun. I just gotta try to make sure it's meaningful, now...


Being physically fit is a part of ministry according to this author. I do agree that we should take care of our bodies, etc. But something about using the story of Philip and the eunuch bothers and annoys me.
sports world is upside down

So my A's can't even steal a game and the 49ers are ranked 31st in ESPN's offseason power rankings. But the underachieving Sharks are overachieving, reaching the West Finals for the first time. And then Cal is ranked 12th in ESPN's College Football rankings? 12th? Am I hallucinating?

I just want the A's to win one stinkin game against the Yankees. Is that too much to ask? Okay...I actually want them to sweep the Yankees, but come on...