waking hour

There is a wonderful super-rich chocolatey-moussey-orangey pie like thing with a chocolate crust and chopped almonds in the fridge right now. It's mostly uneaten. On a normal day I might cut myself a fatty slice of that and chow down on all its saturated glory. Instead I look longingly at it and reach for my chicken breast and nonfat mayo. At least there's a chocolate flavored ProMax bar. Some days it's harder than others...but in general I'm pleased with my change of eating habits. I feel healthier, I crave water, and I can tell when I eat something that's absolutely terrible for me. And those times are exceptions rather than the rule. So this is a good change and I think it's going to stick. I need to work in some regular exercise and I'll actually be able to call myself a healthy person.

Speaking of healthy, now that I have my own health insurance I'm going to make a foray into the world of dentistry. I haven't visited ye olde dentist for 8 or 9 years. I almost fear the inevitable lecture more than the inevitable needle-to-the-gums.

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