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Today was quite different from yesterday. I got a fair amount of stuff done. Michael is calling me to sort of keep me accountable to not wasting my time, so that spurred me on a bit. Some highlights of the day include...

I picked up a book on DHTML and CSS. Provided I don't lose my gusto for it I'll work my way through the sizeable tome and become halfway competent with them. That will mean good things for you because my site will become all sorts of nifty.

Talked to my good buddy John Pack. It seems things are going well with them at their new church. Initially they felt like they didn't belong because Willow Creek is a church of 10,000 or some ridiculous number - they just sort of blended in. It took a little time but they found out how to get plugged in and involved in smaller groups. I won't go into specifics but it turns out Willow Creek has a very nifty system in place for keeping the big church small. John and Becca were not made to be consumers at church either, so I was glad to hear they're finding ways to do ministry too.

I was the ostensible foreman at a church paint party tonight. We finished painting the upstairs much faster than anticipated, because we probably had 15-20 people there and they were all freakin' eager to help. To tell the truth I wasn't really looking forward to it but it turned out to be fun and I got to spend some time with people I don't necessarily usually talk to at church. It's funny how conversation flows so much better when you're doing something besides talking. Not only that but I got some paint on my clothes and that just made me feel more manly.

To top it all off I got a call and I'm going to be subbing tomorrow at Irvington. I've been wanting work so here some is. It will feel good to get up at 6am and get ready for work. It will feel weird going to bed at 10pm. But here I go.

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