call me morbid or absurd

Last night was coolio. The youth group had a sleepover kinda thing where we talked about guy/girl stuff. We were all together for the first part, then around 11 the guys headed over to Nate's, where Mike joined us. We had a good time playing the new Mortal Kombat game and getting in depth about some of the issues we have to fight. It's good to get below the surface with the guys, I enjoyed it much. We ended up staying up past 4 and I actually woke up (the last time) one minute before the alarm at 7:15. Then the guys went back over to the house with the girls and we ate breakfast together and hung out a bit more. I really enjoyed everyone's company last night.

Really cool kids in this youth group I tell you what. Really freakin' cool. Je suis blessed. God knows just when to give me what I need, when I need to be reminded of how awesome the people in my life are, He pulls through just about every time. He rules.

And now I will wander through today in a semi-conscious stupor, stumbling ever closer to the Joe Millionaire finale I shouldn't watch but will anyway.

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