the sun's been kind

Freakin' Bears. UCLA sucks this year! Why does it always seem like my team is the one that loses the games it should win? It's almost as if my support is some sort of karmic bane on athletic organizations.

Subbing today was incredibly easy. I only had three classes, and there was a guest speaker for all of them from FIDM. Everyone thought she was the sub cause she looked like a grown-up. Hehe. Anyway she was very cool, good up in front of the class. Second period was prep so we sat in the teacher's lounge and talked about random stuff before heading to our next two classes. It's amazing the kinds of people you can meet. I spent most of today with a gorgeous semi-retired model that's working on starting up a modeling/talent agency, loves to work on restoring cars, and wants to become a published motivational speaker. Who says subbing is a hellish experience?

I even got to leave early, because my last two periods were some kind of "independent study" where the students didn't have to show up so I came home around 2. Sweet. That's one song in the bank. Next song.

I did a fair bit of reading about CSS today and I'm going to start fiddling with it. I wish I had Dreamweaver 4. That would be wonderful. Until I have the 400 bucks or whatever it is I'll content myself with pretending I'm a real coder and using simpler editors. I don't see myself ponying up that kind of scratch for a computer program though, so it looks like I'll have to do without.

Man, as if today weren't already a good day, I just used the phrase "ponying up the scratch" in a sentence. Rule.

One final thing. I'm thinking about changing to Movable Type because Blogger annoys me periodically. This CSS thing is complex...I won't be able to do dramatically cool things for a while. So this is what my site would generally look like for a while if I went to MT. I'm not sure if it's worth it or not. I kinda like the way it looks right now. Comment and let me know what you think about the different layouts.

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