the key is to hit really hard...with the bat

This week has gone by really fast. But it's been a really good week. I must've downloaded about a dozen Sealab 2021 episodes. This is one of the most hilarious cartoons I've ever seen. Seriously. You've got to get involved with adult swim.

I also went up Mission Peak yesterday. That's the local hill here in Fremont. As I hiked up with Jesse, I considered how awesome it is to be living here. The hills were so green! And it's February! Here are two pictures to make you drool in envy. You can't make Jesse out too well in one of the pictures, and they're big, but you get the idea. The days have been this beautiful all week. Except for that layer of smog...

I saw Boondock Saints on Tuesday night, which I loved within about five minutes of viewing. As my friend Lo said, "I wish this movie was five hours long." The movie had several things going for it. Religious imagery. Prominently featured irish accents. Professional criminals. Long coats and sunglasses. And, of course, a toilet falling from several stories up. That's a recipe for quality cinema no matter who you are.

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