it's not what it seems, it's just what you think it is

You know those mornings where you wake up and you know you got a good amount of sleep? Where your eyes, instead of crying what the heck are you doing?! Close us! Cloooooose ussssss!, say yeah, you're right, let's go. This morning my eyes have said the latter. So woohoo for that. The only problem is I woke up with a headache...but the miracles of modern medicine will take care of that. I used to just gut out headaches and whatnot, refusing to take medicine for some unknown reason. A headache is no way to start a day however and I will gladly pop somethin' to get rid of it.

I finished A Storm of Swords last night in one of those fits of reading you undergo when you realize you've reached the near-end of a book. This thing was over 900 pages long. And the third book in the series. Now I have to wait till September or something ridiculous for the next book. How annoying. If you're looking for great fantasy to read, read George RR Martin's Song of Ice and Fire because this guy is spectacular. His characters are morally ambiguous which allows you to revile them one moment and then grudglingly respect or even admire them the next. But they aren't schizophrenic...they're just human. The books are pretty graphic with sex and violence - but I don't believe it's ever for the sake of sex and violence. They are tools to humanize the characters and demonstrate the brutality of their world. Anyway, it's stellar and I haven't enjoyed fiction this much since Tolkein.

My good friend Michael G has joined the world of online journaling. If you know him then you know he often has things worth listening to. If you don't know him you should. As is apparent by the triple-post he's started off his journal with Mike's still learning how to work this journal thing; but once he gets it going that guy has enough challenging thoughts running around in his head to keep you thinking and I'm sure he'll put 'em up there often. I've linked to him on the left over there, so check him out periodically.

While driving home from Vacaville yesterday something totally random struck me and I was looking forward to posting it up here. Unfortunately it was so random it has since escaped the confines of my head.

Two things were heavy on my mind last night before I went to bed. As it happens I had three dreams I can remember quite clearly about these things. One was disappointing, another frustrating, and the last one frustratingly good. I've never before so clearly seen what was on my mind as I struggled to sleep transfer into my dreams. It's kinda cool when that happens, even if you don't always like the results your subconscious cooks up.

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