i am jack's racing mind

I had a great weekend. That's two in a row. Three may make it a trend, we'll see. Friday night I had a lock-in all nighter with the youth group, we teamed up with another church and it was a pretty good time. I think sometimes we (I) make youth ministry more difficult than it needs to be in my head. These all-nighters are reminders that you don't need to have huge productions. I mean, they're far from perfect...but you can still do things when you don't have the ideal conditions. Perhaps I'm only making sense to myself.

I spent a large portion of Saturday recovering before heading out to exotic Vacaville. I had a wonderful time with a wonderful person. That's all you're getting out of me for now, nosy monkeys.

Last night we broke the youth group up into small groups for our discussion and the reviews were pretty much unanimous in favor of splitting up like that again. I think we've maxed out the Starkey's place - I don't think we can grow much more there. There's some kind of social rule when you fill a room to 80% capacity you're pretty much done adding new people. Well we don't have enough space in the room we're meeting right now. We can do some things to make it bigger - I know though that before too long we'll probably want to move to someplace a little bigger. After youth group I took a couple students home and enjoyed the conversation. God is pretty amazing, and seeing what He does in students' lives is incredible sometimes. The coolest part is when they just can't stop talking about it, and you can tell He's doing something. Last night was also good because I really felt like I was teaming up with Nate and Frances for ministry like I haven't before. I mean, they've been ministering to the kids for a while but I didn't feel like we really teamed up on a Sunday night before last night. This will only improve as time goes on too. I really want to work on developing an adult volunteer team; it's cool that I get to start with a couple of my best friends.

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