waiting for something to open my eyes

Okay, first of all, Trader Joe's makes some potent garlic pasta. I ate it a few hours ago and I can still feel it. Now, I love garlic. I consider it one of God's many blessings on us all. But it's only a blessing to the person eating it. Everyone else has to suffer for it. So I eat it carefully. Why does that stuff have to emanate from your pores after you eat it? Wouldn't it be hilarious if every food did that? People at Weight Watchers meetings would be able to sniff out cheaters. And we'd be able to do a bit of early detection on our extra skinny friends. "My, you're particularly odorless today!" Umm...anyway.

I stopped by Nate's Bible study tonight. He was pretty stoked about doing a study on Genesis and the creation story(ies) there. As it happened though two kids showed up about a half hour late and one fifteen minutes later. Nate postponed his lesson for later and we decided to go over a couple other things. First, I talked to the kids about some presentations they'll be doing at youth group this weekend. More on that later.

One of the students is totally blowing my mind. She's been devouring the Bible lately - she brought it to the study and the thing looked like a porcupine, it had so many tabs sticking out of it every which way. She's tearing through it, that's so awesome. Well in her reading, and partially related to the student I talked to earlier in the week, she came up with some questions that were really bugging her. So what happened? The five of us sat down, opened our Bibles, and went through the questions. It was freakin' awesome. Just being able to talk through it with them, see that they want so badly to understand - it's so the bomb.

On another note, I'm listening to a very cool "I Don't Wanna Be a Playa No More" by Incubus and Big Pun. Never heard of Big Pun before but this song rules. Does anyone know who does that cover of Ms. Jackson? I need to get my hands on that. And what about the cover of Boyz in the Hood?

I'm subbing at my alma mater tomorrow. Man their website sucks. Ah well. It'll be hilarious being in a classroom next to my old Econ teacher, and down the hall from my old English/History teacher. Next week I'm subbing for my old French teacher. Growing up is weird.

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