someone's gonna ask you what it's all about

How many of you share a bathroom/shower with other people? Okay, of you, how many think it's capital-N Nasty when they leave hair on the soap? Well I do.

I am almost completely devoid of energy. Last night I went camping at Big Basin with a few friends. Met the famed Minnesota Twins. Enjoyed a 10 mile hike on a beautiful day today. Came home for a wedding, where I was drafted as the video camera guy. Ran around the reception videotaping everything and everyone that moved. Turned off three false alarms on buildings and helped with wedding cleanup. Came home and sat in front of computer to type a quick entry before falling unconscious.

Let it be said that the Big Basin Redwood Forest is a beautiful place. I love that Fremont is less than two hours away from such things.

Okay, so about that whole bed thing...

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