bonjourrrrr, ya cheese eatin' surrender monkeys!


Clearly the French have gone too far. No longer will America tolerate their chronic spinelessness. We have renamed a staple of the American diet; so go fatten yourself up with a large order of Freedom Fries and show those French what for. We may waddle and huff and puff our way to the front lines, but at least we're not hiding at home behind our baguettes and upturned noses!


It's Kevin's birthday. Sing to him, or whack him, or something. If you wish to deliver gifts, give them to me first and I'll pass them along.

The most successful bully ever.

On another note, I was very discouraged this weekend. Sunday a couple different students came to me with problems on their mind, things that were bothering them. They came to me for wisdom/comfort/guidance - and I was completely useless to them. It pretty much ruined my day, I was miserable. What was I doing, if these kids were coming to me and I couldn't do jack? And I've been unable to help before, but for some reason it hit me more this weekend. I haven't felt so utterly useless before. After a few days I'm in a better place regarding the situation.

Deep down I think I liked (like) students coming to me with their problems. Some pride in me likes to be the one they come to and the one they trust with what's going on in their lives. And I was upset a) because I couldn't help but also b) because I couldn't help. See the difference? See the problem?

I must decide to point students in God's direction, and to be comfortable and acknowledge truly in my heart that I cannot help everyone. I have to get rid of any pride I have that wants people to acknowledge me as a source of anything but directions to God's throne. It's not me - I have to learn that! I'm a beggar telling other beggars where to find bread. It's liberating and saddening at the same time. Anyway enough from me for now.

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