acrostics gone too far

Warning: This post may be semi-inappropriate. I woke up about five minutes ago and as such my filters aren't fully working yet. So right now the amusement I felt over this overrides its questionable nature. If you're easily offended then don't ready any further.

I had a bad/amusing dream last night. I dreamt that my pastor was doing a sermon on whether or not we have the desire to follow Christ and he was challenging us to do so. Paul has a thing with acrostics, he has one in almost every sermon to help demonstrate his point. The acrostic he was using to encourage us to boldly follow Christ? Do you have the B-A-L-L-S to serve the Lord? I distinctly remember looking incredulously at the message outline in the dream thinking, there is NO way Paul did this! Apparently, I was correct.

I also had a dream that I accepted some sort of award on behalf of Star Trek people. I don't know what that was all about. But I do know my acceptance speech went on too long. I got a few rounds of applause though, so those production jerks shouldn't have tried to hurry me up. If the people love me, the people love me, dude. Don't hate.

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