off for the weekend

Right now I'm working on finishing up my message for the weekend; I'm preaching at The Bridge. I need to finish typing the manuscript so I can practice speak it and get the length right. Then I can figure out what I have to trim, etc etc. Here are some of the things that have been occupying my mind during my breaks.

Where is Raed? This is a blog from Iraq. The guy is in Baghdad, talking about the sirens and everything as we bomb. It's really amazing to me to be able to read this kind of thing. As far as I know this is unprecedented. It almost seems unreal to be reading his writing. You should totally check this out.

Optimus Prime. Jeannette popped on long enough to send me this link. I can't decide if it's cool, touching, or pathetic. It brought a smile to my face regardless.

Bravo Cal! Good job Bears...they've done really well this season, I'm proud of 'em. Here's hoping their run doesn't end in the round of 32, since they'll be facing Oklahoma, the #1 seed in the East. Waaah.

Okay, I'll possibly post more later. If not, I hope you have a great weekend. If you're into that sort of thing throw a prayer my way for safe travel this weekend and that God would do His thing with me in San Diego.

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