I was woken up this morning at 5:30 by my phone ringing. When I answered it I discovered that I was definitely on Fremont's substitute list. It was an automated system offering a job as a sub for a Mr. Belotti at Mission. It sounded like I would have been subbing English and Social Studies, he had these different instructions about teaching the different classes different things. I sorta panicked cause I'm not supposed to be on the list in the first place and refused the job. Then I went downstairs and only caught the last part of another phone call, too late to pick it up but it was the sub thing again with another job. I sorta wussed out of the first one and had resolved to give the second one more consideration, but since this is the time some people might already be awake, "subfinder" no longer finds it necessary to call. I was a little worried about taking the first job because I'm not even supposed to be on the sub list and I want to make sure I don't really screw up the first job I take. Don't want to give anyone reason to check "how the hell did he get on the list?!"

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