why yes, it has been a while

It's a little late, but I hope you all had a Merry Christmas. I had a fairly nutty week, what with the holiday, John and Becca being in town, and preparing for the church service my youth group was taking over this weekend. I was right, the best Christmas gift I received was the visiting of my Chicago buds. And Angela's still around for another week or so. As Nate would say, w00t!

The service at church went well, though I believe Sunday morning's service was better than Saturday night's. I was pretty discombobulated on Saturday night and didn't know the sermon very well, I felt like I was stumbling around a lot mentally and verbally, wading my way through it. By Sunday morning I had gone through the message a couple more times and edited it, all that, and I had a much better command of it. I think Sunday went much better because I was able to worry less about where my message was going and more about how to really convey it, if that makes sense to you.

Overall I was very proud of the youth because they did a stellar job all over the place this weekend. It's such an undeserved privilege for me to work with them like I do.

Switching gears...the 49ers have to play Monday Night Football tonight against the Rams in St. Louis. This game has absolutely no importance to the team - it has absolutely no bearing on the playoffs, which start next week. I wish they could just chill and take the week off. I know if I were on the team I wouldn't be thinking that way, but I just don't want my boys getting roughed up on an astroturf field, and then having to play a playoff game on a short week! Because of a pointless game. Harumph.

In other football news, the Packers suck.

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