Arrrrrrrggh! Why do my Niners have to go an ruin an otherwise great day? I will admit, to all you Packer fans out there that yes, your team beat mine. Today the Packers made enough plays to win, and the Niners did not. I won't talk about the horrendous pass interference call that led to one of the Packer's touchdowns by converting their fourth down attempt. I won't make excuses...Niners lost. I can't even bring myself to watch NFL Primetime, which is just about my favorite show, because I can't bear to watch the highlights from this game.

But! I had a good day otherwise. The play at church went over well again; it's interesting seeing what one crowd will laugh at compared to another. Some lines that received absolutely no response last night received uproarious laughter this morning. Tonight we had our youth group Christmas party which was a good time too. An incredible amount of junk food, but that's to be expected. The kids surprised Nate and I with these cool calendars, where the pictures for each month are pictures of our youth group at different times. Very cool. I wish there had been more first-time people at the party, but in general I enjoyed it and am really happy to see how everyone's like a huge family. Lots of love and acceptance round these parts.

So even though my Niners did their best to ruin my day, my students did a good job in reminding me what's really important.

And I'm now that much closer to seeing

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