christmas blitz

Today I was at Stoneridge Mall in Pleasanton, trying to get some shopping done. Today I realized that Christmas is actually only a few days away, what with it being this Wednesday and all. That kinda caught me off guard, so I was at the mall tonight with a couple friends. While we're in Brookstone I say "excuse me" to get past this girl, because the store was crowded and such things were necessary. This particular girl though looked familiar, so I looked back at her after I passed and sure enough, it was Jordan from mtv's "Sorority Life" show from the recent past. Not that I recognized her from me watching the show. No, no. But it was her. So, semi-famous person sighting. Whoooo.

Hope you're enjoying this last bit o' time before Christmas. It only comes once a year. So get an egg nog latte. You know you want to.

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