two for one

My hosting company was having issues last night, so the post I wrote up wasn't published. You can now see it below this one, of course. True to their reliable form my hosting company got everything back up soon. Addr.com really has great service.

Tonight was Crossroads' Christmas Banquet (missed you Frances!). Bunch of people from my church get together and we kinda celebrate Christmas-like, with a big potluck and whatnot. The food was good as usual...everyone was harassing me about the yams though. I gave the sermon last week and mentioned how much I loved yams - so literally two dozen different people made yam comments and/or jokes to me. It's all good though. I really do love the people at my church - we're like a big family. Time after time I hear new people come and give their testimony and mention how Crossroads just "feels like home." That rules. That's what a church is supposed to be like.

On a side note in the world of shy Jackson, a couple brought their neice to the banquet. The neice looked to be about my age, and the uncle (who I know) came up to me and said his neice was there and wanted to meet me, and to come over and introduce myself when I got the chance. Well, I wussed out and never went over. I'm not entirely certain why - and by the end of the banquet when I'd resolved to say hi they had already left.

The last few days of my life have been characterized by wussing out. Gotta do something about that.

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