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A little commentary on the movie Equilibrium and its negative reviews from Penny Arcade, profanity removed:

"If you don't like Equilibrium I'd say you are just too fancy for your own good. That's understandable though, I mean every one is fancy about something. Tycho won't read a book if the author's name is bigger than the title. I think Thomas Kinkade is a [freakin] hack. If all the moms between the ages of forty and sixty were to disappear tomorrow the man would never sell another print. I am sure that everyone feels like they are an expert on something and that only the best of that thing will suffice. The problem is that most people who review things are the very people who seem to have the most hang ups about that thing. This makes their reviews worthless to the rest of us who simply enjoy watching movies or reading books. So Mr. Moviereviewerman, you think Equilibrium had a "derivative, punch-the-keyboard plot." You think it was "crude, but occasionally laugh-out-loud funny, merely for its sheer ridiculousness." You think that a movie like Equilibrium is just too far below your standards. Well I bet you twenty bucks you have a painting in your house that you bought because it matched your couch, how pedestrian."

I like what the man says when he declared "i liked it when he shot that guy." Not all movies are meant to be taken seriously. Sometimes you simply have to enjoy inanity at its height and enjoy a lame movie for its own sake. This is not to say there's no such thing as a bad movie. Mortal Kombat 2 definitely wasted two hours of my life. But don't take yourself or your movies too seriously and you can enjoy a lot more.

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