falling apart together

Updated a few links on the left. A link to Dan Hughes' blog (nobody I know but interesting to read so far) and Melissa's new one.

I wussed out on another substitute opportunity, this one at Thornton Jr. High. That one probably would have been good. I just got the call 40 minutes before school started so that would have been a little pushing it. And the thought of being in charge of a classroom for a whole day was a bit intimidating. I've been reading a fair amount of sub resources today and I've determined that I need to put together a little kit and/or have some sort of plan to fill the class in case the teachers don't provide me with good stuff. That way whether or not I need to use my material I'll be more confident going into class. And what do you wear as a sub? Jeans and a button-up shirt? Khakis and a polo? Oh well. I at least won't have to worry about it till the middle of next week.

I'm hungry. It's past 2 and I haven't eaten a thing all day. What the crap.

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