someone else's two cents on jewelry

Last week I was talking to a friend of mine about how little I understand the fascination many females have with jewelry. I was trying to convey to her how useless I felt jewelry was. I think it's fine to have a necklace or two, a few bracelets or whatever - you know, a little variety, akin to having a few different pairs of shoes or something. But in general, Zach over at Shaw Island said everything I wanted to say about jewelry on his site today:

"First of all, men don't like jewelry the same way women don't like sports memorabilia. Jewelry does nothing. Its job, if you can call it that, is to look good. It does nothing and it's always expensive, which is a terrible combination. For that same amount of money, I could buy something that does stuff. You could build a computer that can play games, you could buy a Tivo that records your shows, you could buy a digital camera that lets you take pictures of cool stuff, you could buy a better bed and sleep more soundly, you could even invest it, etc, etc etc. Instead we're supposed to take that money and buy something that looks pretty. Fantastic. That's one nice aspect of being single, you don't have to even think about jewelry, unless you're mocking it."

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