sleep with all the sheets off

Ack, Happy Halloween everyone. Mine was pretty good, though nothing too exciting happened in the day till the end of it. My day was largely uneventful and unproductive (though I did have an interesting game of Warcraft with the two weirdest teammates I've ever had before). I went to Alicia's for a Halloween Party she got the inspiration to host, and that was cool. I am the reigning Ping Pong King. Hey, King Pong. Um, okay, nevermind.

After I left there I had the pleasure of hanging out with my bro for a while and listening to the CD his band recorded. It really sounds great. Unfortunately the punks made an agreement not to copy the cd for anybody until it's pressed, so I have to wait till January to get my hands on the CD. I must say, I am impressed and proud of the musical growth these guys have gone through. They really are a group of growing, talented musicians, not just a bunch of punks in a band. Though they are that too.

I went home after a while thinking the night was over when in fact it was just beginning, because everyone's favorite self-proclaimed cool chick Laura wasn't done with hers. She and I ended up going back to my brother's place and the three of us watched Legally Blonde and Brotherhood of the Wolf. Now, since we showed up at Dave's at 1:30 I figured we'd watch one movie and that would be that. We settled on Legally Blond and enjoyed it (thanks Frances), and then Dave threw in Brotherhood of the Wolf. And who am I to argue with a movie that kicks that much butt? Brotherhood was over at 6 this morning, with Laura having stayed awake the whole time and me awake for most of it besides the first hour. I was most disappointed because at the end I was fading in and out and I missed the cool fight with the bendy sword. Dave slept pretty much peacefully throughout the entire movie except for the first twenty minutes. So I'm running on a little over 3 hours of sleep. Not a good way to start what I think is going to be a busy weekend. But a fun way!

I'm off to send my camera away to be fixed and/or replaced. I hate having my favorite toy broken. I think I'm also going to engage in a bit of car maintenance. Those of you who have seen my car lately must be wondering if I've started negotiating treaties with the organisms that are surely taking up residence in the dirt landscape. Well, I haven't. I've been trying for the past week to incite the Sap People, whose chief home is my windows, into violence against the Dust Rangers, who eke out their harsh existences in the vast deserts of my hood, roof, and trunk. Unfortunately the Sappers are far too terrified of the Dusters; that harsh land breeds a hardy people, to be sure. The Sappers just sit in their gooey homes and grow soft, while the Dusters battle extreme wind and heat on a daily basis. So I've decided to stop asking them to kill each other and go straight to the Great Serpent and unleash a torrent of water the likes of which they have never seen. Maybe the next civilizations that emerge on my car will be more cooperative.

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