Have you heard of geocaching?! This sounds really nifty. From what I've gathered so far, people involved in the (they call it a sport) of geocaching place these caches of stuff in various locations. Then they post the location's coordinates on the website for everyone to see and find. You need a GPS to help you find the cache. When you find it, you are allowed to take one thing from the cache, I think you're supposed to leave something too - and you write in a logbook they have in they cache to let people know you were there. After you go home you post to the website to let the community know you were at the cache and it's still safe and sound, that you found it, etc.

Is it just me or does this sound hella cool? I think I have a few friends that would be down for giving this a whirl sometime, too.

On a side note, I got the link to geocaching off of wilwheaton.net, Wil Wheaton's website where he get his webjournal on. Wheaton was, of course, everyone's favorite whiny space-kid, Wesley Crusher, from Star Trek. Apparently his webjournal is of sufficient quality to develop a bit of a following, so you may want to take a look.

The meteor shower last night was good. Unfortunately the place I went to see it wasn't as light-free as I'd imagined it in my head. I sorta forgot that's where you go to look at all the city lights. It's an awesome spot though...you can see way south past San Jose and on clear nights you can see across the bay to the north, like maybe as far as Foster City, and on this side of da bay, Oakland when the hills aren't in the way. Great place. Just not super-ideal for comet watching. Though I did see a number of them, and one bigger than I've seen before. My dad was up in Yosemite watching it...I bet the view was spectacular from there. I had a meeting to go to today so I couldn't go with him. I thought it would be cool though to be on the phone with him as he was watching, and when a really big one went say "hey, did you see that?" It's odd to think people for hundreds or even thousands of miles could see the same shooting stars.

Course, I get tripped out that we look at the same moon.

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