i don't want to feel this way forever

I'm pretty tired. I've been up late a lot lately. Not necessarily a bad thing, the company has been stellar. Then I made the fool move of making a haircut appointment for 10 this morning after staying up past 3 again. Then again, if you've seen my hair the past two weeks or so you may not think it was such a foolish move.

Need a smile? Got that off a pop-up. First useful pop-up ad I've ever come across.

Things continue in my life much as they have for the past few months. Although today I will be heading down to the district office to get some paperwork done, which is good. Progress. Who knows how long it'll be before I actually get the job, and what kind of hours the job will provide...but it's a step in the right direction. And I suppose I should enjoy the free time while I have it. When I have that job there will not be late nights like the past few have been.

Initially the band Thursday did not impress me. My brother and a few friends hyped them up incredibly. I have learned, however, to enjoy them, and it turns out I like 'em a lot.

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