understanding in a car crash

Minus Vince played well tonight. They had a few hitches...before the show Max (the sax player) had his stereo and barry sax jacked from his car. That sax was worth $3600. Then the place wasn't letting in people under 21, then they were letting them in only sporadically, so that was odd. Then to top it off they had to play two 1 hour 15 minute sets...which is freakin' long. But they sounded awesome when they played their own stuff and even did a good job covering Ludacris.

I think it's interesting, when I leave places where there were lots of people I review what happened in my head, and the different interactions I had with different people. What the situations were, what could have gone differently, etc. Whenever I leave very large gatherings my brain takes off for a while and I almost always take the long way home. Guess I'm weird like that. The time has come for me to hit the hay, that I might play and enjoy disc golf in the morning in wonderful Santa Cruz.

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