this is what you get when you mess with us

I did a dumb thing today. A beautiful girl called me to see if I would go with her to grab some food before she headed to church. Normally I would have leapt at the chance, but the problem was, she called me around 4:37 PST, at which time the 49ers were in Overtime against the Chargers. I was riveted to the screen and declined, saying I didn't have enough money anyway. The result? Niners lose. I think the universe did that to spite me, to let me know that I had committed some sort of grave offense against the cosmos.

That, or the 49ers' kicker freakin' sucks. Hope he enjoyed his stay in the NFL, cause he should be packing his bags this week. I feel a certain amount of pity for the guy, but you can only lose so many games for my team before you earn my scorn.

On an unrelated note, the uber-cool Jeannette has started up her own webjournal thing. You can find the link on the left under "friends" from now on. She's learning the ropes, and I provide this link as more of a sociological oddity than anything else. It's a peek into the psyche of the kind of person that would choose the Green Bay Packers over the 49ers. It's interesting, because she shows such brilliance in choosing the A's and Sharks...perhaps by peeking into her journal we can learn something about the twisted mind of a Packers fan.

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