wiggum couldn't catch cooties at milhouse's birthday party

Courtesy of Kevin I again have the proper software to mess with images and whatnot, so I created the above title bar. It probably won't take me long to get sick of Photoshop again but for now it is greatly amusing me. Much more than the incompetent teammates battle.net has seen fit to give me lately.

Today I went disc golfing with my pastor in Santa Cruz. T'was a pleasure, I haven't been in a while. He even bought a few used discs. Jesse will be most pleased. We sort of incorporated a meeting into our trip. Paul talked to me about starting to consider/pray about starting a new church service on Sunday nights in 9 months to a year. I am pretty excited at the prospect - he wants it to be different from Crossroads, with a different name etc, and we would almost get it going as a new church plant. It would maybe even be a church-within-a-church thing. I asked Paul if he would mind if I focused it on high-school students and he said not at all. Obviously we'd have to seek God's will on this thing - it's been something on my mind for a while though. From the time we moved into the new building I've been thinking about what it would be like to start up a new totally different service. Then I felt the drive to go to an eight-hour seminar at the National Youth Workers Convention on starting new church services for emerging generations. That workshop got me really thinking and really excited...so it's in the formative stages but I'm fairly excited about what the future holds.

Can you believe there's a Simpsons episode on that I haven't seen before? Homer's starting a private police force called Springshield. Pretty promising, hehe.

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