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Went to dinner tonight with a few good buddies I don't get to see very much. Glenny Glenn, the Tedro, and Pat Berch. Good times. After much deliberation and a number of failed random selection techniques Glenn ended up driving us to Afghan Village, a restaurant right by my house as it turned out. It was my first experience with Afghan food. My favorite thing was the massive bread-leek-potato pancake we got. In general the food reminded me of the Armenian food I've tried (I'm told I make a mean madzoon soup, by an actual Armenian, heh) and some Greek food. Don't think I'll be partaking of the Afghan food very much in the future, but at least I gave it a try.

I'm fairly certain the waitress hated our guts. We were four white guys, two with shaved heads, and one with a beanie (me). We were the only patrons in the place - and from the beginning the waitress seemed a bit leery of us. Patrick didn't help the situation when he, hunched over his glass, asked her "what is that perfume? Or is it some kind of lotion?" From that point on she was stand-offish at best with us. It also turned out that they weren't serving dessert tonight. Uh huh. We left her a good tip at least. When will there be social equality for the white males in our society?

I'm at a point in my life where I can do a lot of reading and I'm really appreciating it. I can get a lot done while subbing, and in my free time even, when I'm not getting worked at Warcraft. I have torn through a few books on the emerging church and I can't seem to get enough of that stuff. Right now I'm reading "The Wounded Healer" by Nouwen, "How to Build Your Christian Character" by Baldwin, and "Knowing God" by J.I. Packer. Good times.

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