i for one welcome our new ant overlords

Tonight I played a 60+ minute game of Slaps with Mike and Nate. It ended with a victory for yours truly, which is always a good thing. First time I've won that game. It probably would have gone longer if Nate hadn't decided to eliminate himself after he lost his cards for the second time. Good times though.

We also read through 1 Samuel 1-3 together. In discussing the stuff with Mike and Nate I realized how deficient I really am in Old Testament knowledge. I know generally what the deal is, but I haven't read most of it. Need to rectify that situation. Want to too - every time I start reading I really enjoy it. Funny how that works.

The A's finally ended their skid! Hooray! Good ol' Huddy. So now we have 3 teams tied atop the AL West at 8-7. It's gonna be a long (hopefully exciting) season.

And finally, I found this amusing. Netters gives you cute pictures and moments of zen, I give you dinosaurs cursing their fate.

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