ps i love you forever and today

Some probably unconnected thoughts, courtesy of Jackson.

I think the caliber of players on bnet declines as the day gets older.

Sometimes I wish I could go back and time and take saying something back, if only so I could say it again later.

Tonight is my first, best chance for a good night's sleep for the past two weeks or so, provided I don't get a call to work in the morning.

Bottles of cologne last a really long time. Well, they do with me. Does that mean I'm stinky or efficient?

There is always more work to do.

Sometimes I think it would be easier to just put my head in the sand. Then I realize I wouldn't be able to forget about the rest of me.

MFP has a very funny way of writing and while I will miss him while he's on his Blue Highways road trip I'll look forward to hearing of his exploits.

Let's go Oakland!

I'm not sure how I'm going to make money during the summer. My medical insurance is going up, and my income will be dropping rather dramatically, due in large part to the general lack of school to sub during summertime.

I have been working more lately, subbing, and really enjoying it. I think I have two of the greatest jobs in the world.

God r0x0rs. His faithfulness when I so completely don't deserve it is pretty amazing. I used to think I was 'gypped' by being raised in a Christian home so I don't have the whole conversion story. But the longer I live the more I realize I am constantly living a conversion story. I am always learning the depths of my need for God, and the realities of His love.

That's all for one night I suppose.

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