nothing that is broken cannot be made new

I've decided that today is a pretty good day. I got productive early and took my car in to America's Tire Company. As it turns out the murderous curb only managed to screw up the valve stem on my tire, so the net cost to me was ten bucks. Plus I discovered I have a faulty spare tire; because you see, last night I was informed by a number of people that my spare looked awfully unhealthy. As it turned out the spare was mostly flat and Frances was kind enough to let me use hers in the meantime. Also mad thanks to Jesse who had the right tools in his car for my spare both times and he even got down and dirty changing them for me. He owns. So now I need to acquire a new spare tire and spare tire jack, so when a real flat tire emergency pops up I'll be prepared. So I now view all this flat tire junk as good because

1. I found out my equipment for a real flat emergency would be insufficient.

2. I have learned to always keep my trunk clean. A messy trunk cost me 200 bucks.

I also paid off my phone bill. Other productive things I will do today include mowing the much-neglected lawns and practicing for the church band. I'm singing a solo song this weekend, but the original was too high for my voice. Daniel used some software to drop the recording a couple keys (or whatever increment you drop things by) so I could actually sing it. The amusing thing is, the voice on the recording now sounds like some sort of shemale.

My digital camera has once again decided to enter the realm of the living, and for that I am happy. It's pretty temperamental, ever since I dropped it. Sure holds a grudge a long time, I'd be over it by now.

This is actually turning out to be one of my more productive days since my acceptance to the Planetside beta test. It even prompted me to purchase a headset and join an outfit.


It really is just about everything I've wanted out of a computer game for a long time. The short of it is that there's a persistent online world wherein three factions fight over various continents, facilities, etc. You get a number of certification points to spend that allow you to do various things like be an engineer, medic, hacker, pilot, driver, etc. Then it's best when you join up with squads or outfits and go wreck shop together. You really get to do all sorts of fun things.

Hot drop into bases with your squad from a flying transport. Cross a bridge after a prolonged firefight to take a tower on the other side, from where you can better attack a larger facility. Be escorted by squadmates in flying things as you race to restore power to one of your facilities that's under attack. Breathe a sigh of relief when you run into a base where you're protected by teammates in big armor suits. Stuff like that. It's cooperation on a mass scale, and being able to wear a headset and communicate via voice with your squad makes it that much more fun. It's still a beta so it's still pretty freakin' buggy, but it still freakin r0x0rs.


Off to mow that lawn.

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