and he reeeeigns, forevermooooooore

One thing about singin' songs at church is you get 'em stuck in your head. I suppose there are worse things to have running through my noggin' than songs about "the resurreck-SHUN of our Loooord." Good old Easter always brings out the energetic choir-like stuff. The service at church today was pretty great as far as I'm concerned. I always enjoy the subject matter at Easter. You can only do so much as a speaker with the theme, but Paul manages to so clearly and passionately communicate that it feels fresh even if I've heard the words a hundred times.

After service I discovered that my car had been decorated with toilet paper by certain people. Thankfully this time the little vandals didn't use any shaving cream. Nevertheless they will pay for their crimes, at a time and in a manner of my choosing. Ph33r m3.

You may have noticed that I changed the picture of myself up on top there. It's a kinda goofy smile but whaddya gonna do. It's me and it's less pretentious than the last one. Also some people seemed eager for me to change it for some reason.

I got this story off a link to Dave Barry's site from Netters'. Follow that? First things first - Dave Barry is a hilarious writer and you should read everything of his that you possibly can. Secondly - did you read this article? I read it carefully and it seems to actually be credible - have we found a way to deal with the whole "running out of oil" problem? I always figured technology like this would eventually be developed - it's just very cool and exciting to see it happen. I'll be interested in seeing how it develops in the next few years.

In sports news,good for the A's. Sure, they're beating up on the Rangers, but a win is a win.

Time to hit the sack. Singin' in the morning and all that. It's also my little bro's 21st birthday tomorrow. Wow we're getting old. Or more appropriately, our parents are. Muaha. I will leave you with this:

My niece is cuter than yours.

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