Study shows media portrays McCain negatively

image Check this out.  This study shows that the media has portrayed McCain “in a substantially negative [light]…coverage of McCain has been heavily unfavorable – and has become more so over time.”  In case you want to dismiss the study and say it’s biased, there’s a link to the study itself where you can read it for yourself.  This isn’t a big surprise to anybody who’s been paying attention.  I’m not adding my voice to the chorus of “THE LIE-BERAL MEDIA BIAS” but it’s sure seemed to me that Obama has been getting great treatment in comparison to McCain.


image The other day I saw a piece on CNN that was “checking the truth” of claims made by the candidates.  First they looked at McCain saying that Obama wanted to “spread the wealth around” a la his conversation with Joe the Plumber.  They deemed McCain’s statement that Obama wanted to spread the wealth “misleading,” and went on to say that was just one thing Obama said in a five minute conversation with Joe the Plumber.  They then looked at something Obama said about McCain and deemed it “True, but incomplete.”  Their reasoning?  Exactly the same as they used with what McCain said – Obama left some stuff out of what McCain had said.

Somehow that same action when McCain does it is “misleading” but with Obama it’s “true but incomplete.”

I’m not really a McCain or Obama supporter but the state of journalism in our country pretty much sucks.


Anonymous said...

I've noticed that even camps that I expect to be pro-McCain are actually more anti-Obama than anything else. Radio stations like 560AM give much time to praising Palin and bashing Obama than to supporting McCain. Even my fellow McCain supporters that are more vocal about it than I am talk more about why Obama is bad for America than why McMcain is good for us.

Jackson said...

Yeah, I've noticed that too. I don't listen to 560 much but it seems every time I pause on it I'm hearing something (bad) about Obama.

Francesst said...

i watched a&e biographies of both obama and mccain this afternoon and found them both to be mostly neutral. it was interesting because i learned a lot about both candidates and saw how their experiences shape their policies. it was also interesting to see both candidates on their own because it's not that mccain isn't likable or charismatic, but it's just that obama oozes charisma and embodies postmodernity. if you have comcast, you can watch them on channel 1 (with all the on demand shows).