Prop 6: Safe Neighborhoods Act

image Would require that a minimum of $695 million be allocated from the state budget each year (with the amount increasing to keep up with inflation) to pay for police, sheriffs, district attorneys, probation, and jails.  It also makes changes to state criminal laws to identify new types of crimes and increase penalties for certain crimes (especially gang-related crime).  California's independent  Legislative Analyst says Prop 6 would eventually lead to increased state costs of $500-$965 million annually due to greater spending on public safety programs and new costs for prisons and parole operations.  It would also create a one-time cost of $500m to build more prisons.

Fun fact: This is called “The Safe Neighborhoods Act” by some (generally supporters) and “The Runner Initiative” by others (usually detractors).  Initiative almost sounds like “scheme,” and we know how scary those are.

My vote: No.

Why: While I really like the idea of this law I have to be consistent.  It's increasing spending and California's financial obligations and that's not what we need.  And it really bugs me to be on the same side as the Berkeley City Council.  Ugh.  It’s pretty funny that lots of these groups suddenly become interested in “government waste” when it has to do with crime and/or diverting money from their pet projects.


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Anonymous said...

Oh, if only you saw the things I did at work... or rather the people and the charges they are brought in on. It's crazy. A lot of offenses should have higher bail amounts and bigger consequences. And gang enhancements? Those can be the make or break sometimes.

Jackson said...

Hey Tina - I did say I liked the idea of the Prop...it's a financial thing more than anything. I think CA's financial situation is so bad that even possibly good things need to go by the wayside until we figure out what the heck is up with the budget.