He’s even disruptive when he’s sleeping

The first set of kids I have this week for ELD 1 is pretty good.  The class size is smaller, around 20, and there are only a couple kids that cause trouble.  The other class is the one that gives me real headaches.  Anyway this kid can not sit still or do what he’s supposed to do for any period of time.  I’m having to hound him constantly to stop touching people, throwing things, getting up, talking, etc.  We’re watching a video right now and he fell asleep.  At first I was happy because it meant I could let my guard down.  Then he started snoring, loudly.  I woke him up and the class giggled.  He fell back asleep within a couple of minutes and was snoring again.  I wish I could let him sleep so he could stop being annoying, but I have to keep waking him up.  Gah.

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