the weak breeze is a raider

Well. That's one pretty large-scale schooling that the Raiders endured. My condolences to Raider fans. It does make me feel a little better about the Niners getting trounced by the Bucs earlier in the season. That defense is just stifling. These kinds of defeats are always easier to take than close losses anyway, so there's some consolation there. Well, one more football season dead and gone. Niners all the way in 2004!

One thought occurred to me as I told people where I was going to watch the Superbowl. I told them I was going to watch it with a bunch of people from church. That was true, but the way I referred to them stuck out at me for some reason. Aren't these people from church my friends? Many of them are; I mean, the party was so big (over 60 people there actually) I couldn't be friends with everyone, but I knew everybody and the hosts are my friends. So why don't I just say a couple of my friends are throwing a party? Why do I separate "people from church" from "friends" when I talk?

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