back to the future

Today I got my Christmas gift from my sis and her family - they got me the Back to the Future Trilogy DVD set. Awesome gift! I watched the first movie today and started watching the second - it's bedtime though. Anyway, I wanted to mention something I noticed that I thought was pretty nifty. In the beginning of Back to the Future 2, Marty McFly is in a cafe in the future, where he shows two little kids how to play an old video game. One of the kids looked familiar, and I checked the credits - sho' nuff, it's a little Elijah Wood! Who knew that little boy would grow up to be a hobbit?

What's that, you say? What do I think about the 49er game? They didn't show up to play. It's frustrating. But hey...at least the Raiders won. I can root for them now...

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