i can't find my remote, in its place a ransom note

At 7:45 this morning I was woken up by my alarm clock. I'm pretty sure I turned it off by reflex, because it was only about ten minutes later, as I was watching SportsCenter, that I thought to myself "why am I awake? I could be sleeping right now." I then looked suspiciously at my alarm clock, checked the time it was set to go off, and realized it had woken me up ten minutes earlier. Ahh, the fog of the morning brain.

Every day this week I've received calls to sub - Monday through Thursday. And I couldn't sub any of those days, I had a student already. So I figure I might get a call for Friday, the day I usually get calls for. But no! No calls for Friday. Ah well. I've got an hour of tutoring set up at 3.

This weekend should be good. Saturday I'm playin' some flag football, which I haven't done since Thanksgiving. By the by, if you're in the area and you wanna play some flag football, we're playin' at 10 in the am on Kennedy High's field. Sunday's the Superbowl of course, which is good in and of itself. It's only made greater by the fact that there's a local team involved, and it's a matchup of the number one offense versus the number one defense. Good times, yo.

And on a final sports note, Cal continues its romp through the Pac-10 and how 'bout them Warriors?

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