i know you are, but what am i

You may heretofore refer to me as "The Man," for I have acquired and connected the necessary cords and adapters to record any kind of media onto my MiniDisc player. This development makes me very happy and displays my mighty technical skills. I only needed to call my brother two or three times. Bow down.

It seems I'm not the only person demanding that others bow down, however. I saw it earlier today on ESPN.com but can't seem to locate it again. Apparently Jerry Porter of the Oakland Raiders told the Jets to "come get their whoopin'." The two teams appear to be engaging in a bit of what passes for verbal sparring among football players.

Have you ever heard of Brian Loritts? He spoke at a Campus Crusade conference I went to a couple years ago, and was stellar. So if you've heard of him and know a way to get a hold of some of his message tapes I'd be much obliged.

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