the cloud goddess is ripe with rain-babies

Be very afraid. Today I spent money on groceries and stuff like that. I bought crappy things like nonfat vanilla yogurt, raisins (apparently they don't just come in cookies), something called "whey protein," and a greenish substance I'm told is broccoli. Here comes life change people. Watch out.

I had a fairly busy day today. My first day with my new student, who had jaw surgery. Small world, he lives on a street I used to live on. He seems like a cool enough kid, it's pretty nifty that he goes to the same school I did. He also has Economics with my old Econ teacher, Mr. MacLeod. MacLeod was one of my favorite teachers in high school, and I stopped by to talk with him today. It was really cool talkin' to him, and I gave him my number so I can sub for him. Hopefully through MacLeod I'll get some more subbing jobs and have an in at Washington. Overall it's been a good day, I'd say.

And the Simpsons episode tonight is classic. The one where the kids get caught at school in a snowstorm...er, a Class 3 KillStorm.

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