california here we come, right back where we started from

Days like today make me love the fact that I live in the Bay Area. It's January 6th - in many places across the nation it's snowing or raining or doing other sorts of wintery things. What was today like in Fremont? Clear as clear can be, sunny, 69 degrees, beautiful. I love this place.

The 49ers game yesterday was one of the best I've seen. It was as exciting as the '99 Wild Card against Green Bay. It's unfortunate that there's a little controversy with the lack of a pass interference call at the end, but whaddya gonna do? The guy would not have caught the ball anyway. And refs make plenty of mistakes during games, all of which can contribute to the outcome; some are just in more prominent spots than others. In any event that game was one of the reasons I love football and sports in general. I knew nobody at Chili's yesterday except Netters (who made watching the game that much more enjoyable) but I must have jumped up and down and hugged four strangers out of pure joy. Few things make me forget any sense of dignity or propriety like a close 49er game.

The one student I had for home hospital teaching recovered from his spinal surgery quicker than anticipated, so he's back at school and no longer in need of home hospital services. The lady at the district that hooked me up with students (actually student, but in theory students) was transferred so I need to figure out who to bug to get assignments. It's looking more like I will have to make my chief source of income substitute teaching instead of home hospital teaching. The work is just so random. I would really appreciate a steady stream... Here's hoping that after I sub for a while I'll build up a little bit of a rep and get some teachers that specifically request me. God will provide what I need. I just want Him to provide the money for a new car and a place of my own. Is that so much to ask? Heh...

I have delusions of getting into shape. Tomorrow I plan on picking up a new cd walkman of some sort from the Wherehouse with a gift certificate - after that I'll begin some brisk walking and whatnot. I'm also going to get some dietary info from Jesse and try to move to the six-meals-a-day thing. Why mention this in public? Perhaps some low level of accountability. You know, I may get a cassette player instead of a cd player so I can listen to things like sermons and whatnot while I'm walking/running. Then it would be doubly good.

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