what you think is yours you need to let go

Came across an interesting blog today. It appears to be maintained by a homeless guy via public libraries. It also looks like he may have some kind of publicity since the picture he uses of himself is one from USA Today. He is clearly a smart guy, at the least he writes well and is well read. I wonder what would keep him on the street. My first response is that he wants to be there on some level; he's got to have the ways to get up on his financial feet if he wants, right? Mayhap he likes the identity of "the homeless guy" and doesn't want to give it up and have a house. Or maybe he does have a house, and he's a bored Oklahoman housewife laughing at the meager social consciences he briefly illuminates in his blog.

My brother's band is finishing up their recording this week, this very day actually. I'm surprised at how excited I am to hear the tracks after they've been mastered or whatever it is you do to newly recorded music. They really are talented guys. I just wish that they could see God. They are such an awesome group of guys, they would be that much more awesome if they wrote songs for The Man Upstairs. But until then I'll enjoy hanging with 'em at practice, going to the shows I can, and being there when they get those spiritual wild hairs.

Progress is being made regarding my job with the school district. The next person I have to talk to is out of town until next Tuesday, so I must continue to wait. The lady I'm in contact with told me it's okay that I have to wait because they don't have any students for me to home teach right now anyway. Which gave me pause - I thought they had all the work I could handle and then some? I'm getting a job where I'll go to students' houses when they hurt themselves and bring them their homework, teach them, that sort of thing. I can only due elementary age kids though. So the way I see it I'm going to have to bring a garden hose and make my rounds of the schools around 4am. The children of Fremont are going to find out just how slippery a nicely iced-down sidewalk can be. Then we'll see who doesn't need home teachers.

I'm glad my fingers are warm again. It's hard to type when they're cold. Speaking of cold, I've got to head off to a meeting. Enjoy your day.

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