ESPN.com - NBA - Sacramento Kings/Los Angeles Lakers Brawl ESPN.com

A quote from the above article, which describes members of both teams fighting one another: "Lakers coach Phil Jackson blamed the tunnel fight on the officials, while Kings coach Rick Adelman faulted Stales Center security."

What?! How about blaming the people fighting each other for the fight? Are athletes these mindless brutes that can't control themselves? Must they be protected by officials and security from beating one another to a pulp and accept no responsibility when they get in fights? What a joke, dude. Maybe the coaches had to blame other people for political reasons, ie. showing support for their players, but those political reasons shouldn't exist. What does this say to kids that look up to these athletes - and there are many.

I don't usually get annoyed by these kinds of things, but something about the way nobody took responsibility for their own actions here got on my nerves.

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