My friend Danny let me borrow an anime series, Martian Successor Nadesico and I'm finding it terribly entertaining. It's comedy/sci-fi, which is great. It has a number of typical anime situations too, which of course would only happen in the minds of these japanese writers and lonely fanboys. The captain of this ship is a 20-year old bubbly girl obsessed and in love with the ship's cook, who is also a reluctant fighter pilot who mutters under his breath about the senselessness of war while blowing the crap out of his enemies ten at a time. Unfortunately they've already killed off my favorite character, a guy that was obsessed with an anime and insisted on yelling things like "Gekigangar Flare!" when he attacked in his giant robot because that's what they did in the anime he watched. Then they had to up and kill him. In a lame way even. I'm still watching with hopes that someone like him will come along again.

Tonight I went to watch my brother's band play. The rest of the members set a rule that the guitar and bass players could not smoke weed for the four hours preceding the show. This rule was instigated by the last show they played, at a Tower Records in Dublin, where those two lit up repeatedly immediately before the show and it was quite apparent while they performed. It's a good thing they established the rule because they played significantly better this time around. They really are talented, it's just too bad they sing about balls and blunts.

I'm in a drama skit at church this weekend, we did it once tonight and will do it again in the morning. I'm playing a garbage man; the skit's about two guys in coffins waking up and talking to one another in the funeral home. I'm a garbage man and the other guy's a CEO of some kind. At some point I decided to give my character a New York accent - I think if I didn't I would have played him in a pretty boring fashion. Thankfully though that has given him a little color for me...I just don't know how consistent I am with the accent. Whenever I try to do any other kind of accent it always eventually degenerates into a Russian or Irish accent. Who the heck knows why. Maybe its because those are two of the coolest accents ever.

Firefly is a good show. You should watch it. One of the problems is its time slot - 8pm on Friday nights? Have a good time. You know how sometimes you can watch a show and you get the feeling that no matter how much you like it or how cool you think it is you know its destined for a short run? I felt that way with Space: Above and Beyond. Dude, I remember totally loving that show. I kinda feel that way with Firefly too. Tis a shame too...we could use this different brand of sci-fi. It's got and old-westy, tongue-in-cheek feel to it. Sure beats the heck out of tripe like Earth: Final Conflict and Andromeda.

Gonna go, catch another Nadesico episode before I hit the sack. Peace out.

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