supernovar in the sky

Yesterday Chris, a recent addition to the youth ministry team and all-around great guy, fell from a ladder and broke two vertebrae in his back. He had surgery last night, from what I know he's doing okay. But he apparently lacks medical insurance and the worker's comp situation is iffy at best. Frances and I may go visit him today. Anyway if you pray, toss a few up for his family.

On a lighter note Canada appears to be upset that they were ranked below the United States in a quality of life report courtesy of the UN. "Canadian media reported that 89 percent of the country had 'an absolute conviction that we have a better quality of life than the United States.'" I'd say sour grapes, but they probably don't even have grapes in Canada. Well, no grapes besides the ones we export to them. Muaha.

Have you seen this? There are very short clips from indian movies, and you get to put subtitles to them. All of the Shokatas (the preferred name for these shorts) I've seen are directly related to Planetside and would therefore not be funny to any of you. Feel free, however, to create your own, send them to me and give me hearty chuckle. Hearty chuckles are too few and far between in this workaday world of ours.

This doesn't really have anything to do with anything, but those of you that played any of the Zelda games should find it halfway amusing.

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