binary star, you're the brightest blue by far

Everyone's going to the hospital these days. Kirstin, one of my students, ended up there last night. Her parents didn't know exactly what was up. She's had a bad fever, rash, platelet count, etc. The last couple days she's had to answer the same questions over and over, have countless things poked at her, and been mostly bedridden. I went with Rudy to see her today and she looked alright, she's handling it like a trooper. We are hoping and praying that whatever's wrong isn't too serious and that she'll be back up and spazzing in no time.

I found an interesting article today, courtesty of pjammer. A guy at a video game site posted a review of real life as if it were a video game. You may like it, especially if you're into video games. I found it amusing, the way he translated a lot of game terminology into real life (such as calling bad parents "griefers" and so on). The funny thing is, reading it, I'm thinking "dude, what a kickass game."

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