Google Phone Announcement

There's been a lot of anticipation over Google developing something called a gPhone or Google Phone or whatever and entering the mobile market.  Today Google announced Android, an open OS for mobile devices.  The idea is rather than releasing a phone, they are, along with the Open Handset Alliance, working on something that can be used on all kinds of mobile devices. 

This is exciting to me because while I love my Treo, I have longed for the ability to more seamlessly integrate and use things like Google Calendar with my mobile.  As it stands I have to jump through various hurdles to sync my Palm with a useful online Calendar service and if I'm able to use something like this it has a lot of potential.  I'm eager to see what this leads to.  From where I stand it can only be good. 

Breaking: Google Announces Android and Open Handset Alliance


Ricky said...

i often think of this when i myself start complaining about doing various computer related tasks, so when you said "i have to jump through various hurdles to sync my calendar.." i thought of it again.

think about how LAZY we all are. seriously. way back in the day, guys used to have to build RAILROADS and SKYSCRAPERS, and travel across the country by mule and stuff like that.

i complain about having to reorganize the icons on my desktop, and having to organize my mp3's.

something is wrong with us jackson.

Anonymous said...

ya know...it's based on Linux.

Jackson said...

Yes, something is wrong with us and our desire for an easy life. But I figure I may as well do what I can to take advantage of things making it easier to do crap like sync my calendar so I can get useful things done and not be a wastrel. That way I don't have to feel bad about not having to ride a mule around because I'm getting worthwhile things done. At least in theory.

Also Dave, I know it's based on Linux. That doesn't mean I'm going to load up Linux on my personal computer soon. You Linux evangelists.