Joe Biden

image As someone who has not made up his mind but is pretty strongly leaning against voting for Obama, the addition of Joe Biden to his ticket helps him a bit in my eyes.  I watched some of the Democratic debates when Biden was still in the race and he impressed me in just about all of them.  He has a tendency to stick his foot in his mouth but that’s fine with me.  He sometimes says things that may be ill-advised, or sometimes overstates his case, and I pretty strongly disagree with him on a number of things – but I appreciate the way he’s willing to stand up and say things and not necessarily worry so much about what other people are going to think.  I’m pretty confident he will absolutely demolish whoever the Republicans throw up against him in the VP Debate.  So while I disagree with Biden on a lot of things I’m glad he’s in the race and I don’t think I’d terribly mind him being the VP.


Didn’t Get It

For those of you keeping track, I didn’t get the job I wanted at Washington.  The school wanted to hire me but the district office wants them to hire a credentialed teacher.  I knew my only hope was it being too late for them to get a credentialed teacher but apparently that’s not the case.  It looks like for the Fall I’ll be subbing and tutoring (I got a job with a tutoring company) while Janelle does her indentured servitude student teaching and then come February she’ll sub while I student teach.  With whatever income I’m able to cobble together, plus student loans, plus our savings, we should be able to eke by for the next year.  By this time next year we’ll both have full teaching credentials and will hopefully be able to land teaching jobs, at which time we’ll be able to begin the wonderful task of repaying our student loans.


It’s like the monkey said when he got his tail caught in the fan…

It won’t be long now!

You can thank my 10th grade Geometry teacher, Mr. Strausser, for that gem.  That guy was awesome.  Anyway – I should find out this evening or Monday morning (most likely Monday) whether or not I’m going to get the job at Washington that I’ve been waiting on.  The position is open to those within the district who want to transfer in until today.  If anybody wants to transfer in they get the job.  All those involved seemed to think it’s unlikely someone would transfer as late as August…but we’ll see.  If nobody requests the job, I will get it and be a US History/World History teacher at a school I love, have a paycheck, and have my teaching credential in June.  Man that would be sweet.