Review of Reasons My Kid is Crying

Reviewing a coffee table book is a little weird, but here I am. You may, like me, have come across this website where there are pictures of crying children, along with a short explanation of why the kid is crying. Apparently that website hit big and became a bit of a cultural phenomenon that I missed out on. It became a big enough deal that the website's author, Greg Pembroke, published a book version of his site.

Describing what it's like to be a parent can be a real challenge. This book comes close to providing a clear picture into just how insane and hilarious children can be. As parents turn the page they will find themselves comforted by the fact that their child isn't the only one who cries when they take off their sandals and can't put them back on...their child isn't the only one who can ask for a popsicle, get it, and freak out because it's cold.

I've already had a lot of fun sharing this book with my friends, both with and without kids. I'm not sure how someone who's never around kids would respond to the book but everybody who has kids or is around them laughs with recognition at many of the pictures. These pictures capture some of the  most bafflingly infuriating moments of parenting. Sometimes you're so amused at their fit you're able to laugh in the face of it...other times you're at the end of your rope and their fit drives you crazy.  This book will allow you to laugh no matter what. There's not much to read, but it's a good book to thumb through and laugh at your crazy kids.

I was provided a copy of this book for review.